CCI Crane & Transport, Inc.
P.O. Box 52237
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone (208) 524-2244 or (208) 324-1128  -  Fax (208) 522-7259
Toll Free 800-388-0334
To help us to determine the appropriate crane for your project
please provide us with the following information.

-The height we will have to lift
-The distance we will have to lift
-The weight we will be lifting.
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General Crane Service - Pile Driving
Steel Erection  - Concrete Placing - Tilt-Wall
Cell Tower Erection - Heavy Hauling  
Flat Bed, Step Deck & LTL Service
Load Testing
Well Trained, Experienced, and NCCCO
Certified Operators - Fully Insured
List of Equipment:
300 Ton Hydraulic All-terrian
174ft Main with 171ft jib or 207ft luffing

175 Ton Hydraulic All-terrain  
302ft tip height

150 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane  
160ft Main with 56ft jib

(3) 75 Ton Hydraulic Truck Cranes
183ft tip height

(2) 70 Ton Hydraulic Truck Cranes
166ft and 193ft tip height

50 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
110ft Main with 32ft jib

(2) 40 Ton Rough Terrain Cranes
110ft Main with 32ft jib

23 Ton Boom Truck

Step Deck, Flat bed & Double Drop Trailers

Lowboys with up to 12 axles
80 Ton Capacity
Don't know what kind of crane you need?

Give us a call and will help you figure out
what you need to get the job done right.

CCI has worked with clients from
every industry including the
telecommunications, mining,
petrochemical, agriculture, and
Crane service Eastern Idaho, Wyoming,
Montana, Jackson Hole, Jackson WY,
Eastern Idaho, trucking, transport, crane,
cranes, AC Placement, cell towers,
construction, all terrian crane, truck crane,
lifting, rigging,  heavy haul, haul, pile
driving, crane service, steel erection,
concrete placing, cell towers, boom truck,
forklift, step deck, trailers, lowboy,
Wyoming, Jackson hole, Sun Valley, Twin
Falls, ineel, inel, INL, lattice, hydraulic,
load testing
Two 75 ton cranes lifting vessel
300 ton Grove removing walk way
CCI Crane & Transport, Inc.